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Impressa J9 One Touch

The JURA IMPRESSA J9 One Touch is an award winning showpiece. The beautifully finished surfaces and chrome plated front panel, polished to a high gloss, is a fashion statement as much as a luxury coffee machine.

A graphic display and rotary switch allows for easy, intuitive programming and operation of the IMPRESSA J9 OTC. Product selection is quick and convenient with clearly defined function keys, each distinguished by illuminated pictograms. Once the desired speciality has been selected the machine quietly and expertly prepares an espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato or any of many specialities. One Touch technology means you can select your drink and enjoy the performance as there is no need to move the cup or assist - the IMPRESSA J9 OTC does it all for you. The volumes, temperature and coffee strength of every drink can be customised exactly to your liking: choose from 5 programmable coffee strength levels, 2 brewing and 3 hot water temperatures. Hot water and steam is produced by a modern thermoblock which heats water only when required as it passes through. Intelligent preheating ensures coffee is brewed at the correct temperature even after extended periods of inactivity.

The bean container holds 250g of coffee beans and keeps the beans fresh with an aroma cover. The adjustable multi-level conical grinder delivers consistent results ensuring the coffee is brewed and aroma extracted exactly to your taste. In addition to using any choice of fresh coffee beans, the IMPRESSA J9 OTC can also prepare specialities with preground coffee to accommodate a wider variety of blends. Adapting to individual taste and coffee strengths is also important - with JURA’s variable brew unit 5 to 16g of coffee can be brewed with every preparation. The coarseness of the coffee grind can be adjusted in addition to the programmable coffee strength levels to allow you complete control. A high performance 15 bar water pump contributes to creating ideal brewing conditions. A cup illumination feature puts the drink on centre stage which, combined with the aroma of fresh coffee, turns the drink into a delight for all senses. Coffee specialities are presented in a warm, amber light. Milky specialities are crafted with a Professional Cappuccino Frother featuring Fine Foam technology which produces milk foam with a light, creamy consistency. 2 Interchangeable milk frother spouts of different lengths can accommodate different sized glasses or cups to improve the presentation of the drinks and reduce splashing (110/150mm).

Wireless technology has also made its way into premium coffee machines. The JURA IMPRESSA J9 OTC can communicate wirelessly with the JURA Cool Control Wireless (sold separately) which continuously monitors the milk level and displays a prompt on the display when insufficient milk is available for the next drink. The JURA Cool Control accessory keeps fresh milk refrigerated at 4’C, ready for preparation at any time.

The JURA IMPRESSA J9 OTC features a removable 2.1L water tank within which a CLARIS water filter can be installed. The CLARIS cartridge filters the water before each preparation removing impurities and improving the quality of the water for a perfect cup of coffee. Maintaining the coffee machine is made easy with integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programs, completely eliminating the need to remove and clean the brew unit.

The IMPRESSA J9 OTC boasts impressive energy efficiency features without compromising luxury and excellence. A patented Zero Energy Switch intelligently manages power to the coffee machine, disconnecting the coffee machine entirely from the mains only once any ongoing processes have completed. With Energy Save Mode the coffee machine could be adjusted to adapt to your individual habits and save up to 40% of the energy normally required. To always ensure the coffee machine is switched off automatically, a switch off time of your choice can be programmed.

A 0.6L JURA Stainless Steel Milk Flask and Professional Cappuccino Frother are included as standard with the IMPRESSA J9 OTC.

JURA coffee machines, accessories and cleaning products are available to buy from a selection of the finest retailers in the UK. Customers supporting authorised dealers also enjoy the benefit of a 25 Month Warranty with every new JURA coffee machine in our range. The JURA IMPRESSA J9 OTC was designed with passion, thoroughly tested and manufactured to the highest specifications in Switzerland. In the unlikely event your JURA requires repair or servicing, our specialised JURA service centre and support team are based in Lancashire.

We are JURA UK. Our team of JURA experts are available Monday – Friday, 08:30 – 17:00. We would be delighted to answer any questions, provide more information or just talk about how you can get the most out of your JURA, so please get in touch on 0800 652 5527.

JURA – if you love coffee.